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Check In/Reception:

❣IMPORTANT NOTICE: There will be restricted checking in times. Check in from 4pm (1600 hrs) last check in will be at 7pm (1900 hrs). Guests will be required to ensure they make travel arrangements to adhere to these restricted times until further notice. Check ins outside these times by special arrangement only.

❣Goes without saying but ... Please do not come to stay if you know you have a temperature or are not feeling well.

❣ Guests will be asked where they have travelled from and/or stayed in the previous 7 days for our records.

❣We will offer contactless temperature checks at reception should you require one.

❣Please bring your own bath towels. We are putting our towel hire service on hold until further notice.

Towels will only be provided to guests using and paying for our private twin, double and super king rooms.

❣Staff will wear masks.

❣ Staff will wear appropriate PPE when cleaning ie mask & gloves.

❣ Guests will be asked to wear masks if possible.

❣ Room keys will be disinfected in front of guests at check in.

❣Our preferred payment method is by card. The keypad will be wiped between uses.

General Changes & Cleaning:

❣We've changed open top waste bins for lidded/pedal bins throughout the building to trap germs and these will be emptied regularly.

❣ Cotton hand towels and drying up towels have been replaced by disposable paper towels in both toilet facilities and in the self-catering kitchen.

❣ Increased cleaning has been implemented including extra cleaning of door handles, light switches, front door entry system and well used surfaces.

❣ Hand sanitizer stations have been set up throughout the building in all common areas.

❣There will be signage throughout the building to remind guests to socially distance and to remember to wash and sanitise hands on a regular basis.

❣ We've removed unnecessary soft furnishings ie cushions from sofas, books, board games, information leaflets etc. Unfortunately a lot of character has to go to keep you as safe as possible.

Self Catering Kitchen

❣We have a policy of 2 people in the self-catering kitchen at any one time. People will have to be patient at busy times of the day or choose to eat out instead. Pubs and restaurants are re-opening at the same time as accommodation so eating out is possible in the city.

❣ We have relocated the coffee/tea making station into the social area to try to reduced kitchen traffic. We provide free tea and coffee and have provided a fridge next to the station for guests to store their own milk.

❣Should guests wish to use the kitchen facilities they will be responsible for washing up everything in hot soapy water using the washing up liquid provided. Soapy water is one of the best ways to kill the COVID-19 virus.

Bedrooms/Sleeping Accommodation:

❣We have reduced the number of beds within our spacious dormitories throughout the building to offer even more space. For example a 4 bunk (8 bed) room will now have just 3 bunks.

If strangers are sharing 50% occupancy only will be permitted. 1 person per bunk - 3 people in the room.

If people are known to each other and book and pay for the whole room as a group then up to 6 will be permitted in this size room.

❣ Guests must make and strip their own beds. This means less chance of spreading germs between guests and staff.

❣ When preparing to check out guests will be asked to strip your bed and place soiled laundry/bedding into plastic bags which will be provided. The bags should be sealed and brought down to reception when checking out. This will help contain any germs and droplets becoming airbourne and to protect staff handling soiled laundry.

❣Bedding/sheets will be washed at 60°C. The temperature at which virologists suggest kills any COVID-19.

Shower Facilities:

❣Guests will be designated a shower room facility (shower with basin) to use during their stay and we ask people to ONLY use the shower room they have been designated. The door to each shower room will have clear signage to indicate which room numbers they are to be used by. This is an important condition of stay.

❣Guests will be asked to spend as little time taking a shower as possible out of respect for others waiting to use the facility. Wash and go!



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